Comparing School Lockers?

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What should I consider when selecting school lockers?

Comparing School Lockers?

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing school lockers including size, price and material. Sizes of school lockers can vary considerably and school administrators should carefully consider their needs before selecting a particular size and style of locker. Larger single-tier lockers may be approximately 15” wide and 60” high with a depth of 18” while other lockers may be considerably smaller. An example of a smaller locker would be a locker which is approximately 12” wide and 12” high with a depth of 18”. Other lockers may exist in a variety of sizes between these extremes.

The price of school lockers should also be carefully considered before purchasing a style of lockers. When comparing lockers consider overall price, tax and shipping charges. Additionally, the school administrators should inquire about discounts for purchasing lockers in bulk to obtain a realistic cost estimate.



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