Features of Gym Lockers

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What features are available in gym lockers?

Features of Gym Lockers

School gym lockers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally these lockers may have a number of optional features. School administrators should select gym lockers which are adequately sized for the number of students utilizing the lockers as well as the manner in which the lockers will be used. They must also consider which, if any, of the optional features they require or desire.

Some of the features which may exists in gym lockers include shelves, ventilation slats, number plates and built in combination locks. Larger gym lockers may have one or more shelves in the locker and these shelves may be adjustable or fixed. Number plates are another option which can be installed on many gym lockers. The use of these number plates makes it easier for students to remember which locker is there and can minimize confusion. Finally, some lockers are designed to be compatible with the use of standard combination locks while others have built in locks.



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