Comparing Science Tables

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What should I consider when comparing science tables?

Comparing Science Tables

Science tables come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Science tables provide a large surface area ideal for conducting experiments, though the size of the tabletop may vary. Typical dimensions for a science table are 24”x48” to 24”x60”. However, these dimensions can vary considerably with options for science tables which are much larger or much smaller. Larger tables are ideal for use by multiple students, while smaller tables are useful in labs where students will be working independently.

Another factor to consider when comparing science tables is the material used on the surface. The ideal surface will be both chemical and fire resistant. This will help to protect the students as well as the furniture in the event of accidents in the laboratory.

Finally, when comparing science tables it is important to consider the features of the table such as storage space, a sink, wheels or overhead storage. Contemplating the use of the science table will help in the process of determining which of these features are necessary.



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