Furnishing a High School Science Lab

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How do I furnish a high school science lab?

Furnishing a High School Science Lab

Furnishing a high school science lab involves careful consideration of the types of experiments which will be conducted, as well as the needs of the students who will be utilizing the lab. There are no special requirements regarding the height of tables and chairs for high school students, however, care should be taken to ensure the furniture purchased will facilitate the desired purpose of the lab. For example a science lab designed to promote learning through collaboration would require science tables capable of accommodating multiple students while individual tables would be better suited for science labs designed to promote independent learning.

Seating is also an integral part of furnishing a high school science lab. This may include chairs or stools which are compatible with the tables. Although many students may opt to stand during experiments most science labs include an instructional segment during which the students will likely be seated as the teacher provides instruction. Other pieces of furniture cater to specific needs of the school such as storage units and shelving.



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