Considerations for a Middle School Science Lab

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What should I consider when furnishing a middle school science lab?

Considerations for a Middle School Science Lab

The basic needs of a middle school science lab are very similar to the needs of a high school one. However, when furnishing a science lab for middle school students, it is very important to carefully consider the size of the students. In most cases middle school students are capable of being comfortable while using furniture designed for adults. But if the middle school science lab will be utilized by children younger than sixth grade it might be worthwhile to consider purchasing furniture which has been scaled down to accommodate smaller students.

Safety is also an important consideration when furnishing a middle school science lab. Most laboratory tables have a surface which is both fire and chemical resistant for safety reasons. Other furniture items used with the lab table, such as stools or chairs, must be solidly constructed and storage areas should be designed for easy use by middle school students.



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