Height of Science Lab Tables

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How high should science lab tables be?

Height of Science Lab Tables

The height of science lab tables may vary considerably. The height of a lab table typically refers to the height at the top of the table. On average most lab tables range in height from 26 inches to 37 inches. There are even some science lab tables which are adjustable in height. Deciding on an ideal height for science lab tables will depend on the size of the students using the lab, the seating utilized with the tables and the type of experiments conducted in the lab.

Science lab tables used by younger students may be lower while higher tables are typically used by older students. However, whether or not the experiments will be conducted from a sitting or standing position should also be considered. Most science labs provide seating for students to participate in instructional portions of the class but students often stand while conducting experiments. For this reason the height of the science lab tables should be adequate for an average size student to participate in lab work safely.



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