Selecting Classroom Chairs

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How do I select classroom chairs?

Selecting Classroom Chairs

Selecting classroom chairs should be based on a number of different things including height of the chairs, storage capabilities, seat material and durability. The height of classroom chairs is especially important for classrooms which serve children in the fifth grade or lower. Children in this age group will not be comfortable in standard height chairs.

The chairs typically used for adults are 17.5”-18” in height, while preschool children need chairs ranging in height from 8”-11”.

Seat height may be one of the most important features to think about, but other factors should be considered as well. The ability to stack chairs is important if the chairs need to be moved frequently or stored. This is because the ability to stack chairs means there will be considerably less space required for storage. The seat material for classroom chairs is typically made of hard plastic, soft plastic or wood. These materials vary in price and durability and the classroom needs will dictate which seat is ideal.



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