The Height of School Chairs

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How tall should school chairs be?

The Height of School Chairs

Children of different sizes will have different needs when it comes to school chairs. The height of a chair generally refers to the height of the top of the seat. Children who are in grade six or higher will likely be comfortable in chairs designed for adults, but children in younger grades may require lower chairs. The standard chair heights for adults is 17.5”-18”. School administrators may wish to purchase chairs in a couple of different heights for each classroom to accommodate children of all sizes but listed below are the chair heights which are adequate for most students in each grade:

  • Preschool – 8”-11”
  • Kindergarten – 12”-12.5”
  • First Grade – 13.5”-14”
  • Second Grade – 13.5”-14”
  • Third Grade – 15.5”-16”
  • Fourth Grade – 15.5”-16”
  • Fifth Grade – 17.5”-18”



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