School Seating Options

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What school seating options are available?

School Seating Options

In addition to chairs of different styles and sizes there are other seating options to consider including stools and benches. The size of the chair should be a primary consideration for younger children. This is important because these children may be uncomfortable in chairs designed for adults; this discomfort can impede the learning process. In general the size of the chair refers to the height at the top of the seat but may also refer to the depth of the chair.

In addition to the size of the seating options, it is also important to consider the style as well. Chairs, stools and benches are all possibilities in a classroom. The decision to select a particular seating design should be based on the purpose of the classroom as well as the needs of the students. Within a particular seating option, there will be other style factors to consider. For example chairs may be fixed, stackable or folding. They may also have armrests or they may not. Chairs also come in wide range of colors and materials.



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