Selecting Cafeteria Tables

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How do I select cafeteria tables?

Selecting Cafeteria Tables

When selecting cafeteria tables, it is important to consider space limitations, the number of students, the size and ages of the students, storage potential, durability and price. The chosen cafeteria tables should fit into the available dining space without creating an unsafe environment. This includes, but is not limited to, blocking aisles or exits and putting students at a level of unsafe height.

The number of students who will be utilizing the equipment is important because it can influence the types of cafeteria tables selected. Larger, individual tables which accommodate fewer students may be appropriate for a large space and a small number of students, while tables which accommodate many students in a confined space are preferred for crowded situations. The size and age of the students is important because it will help to determine whether or not furniture designed specifically for smaller children is required or not. A cafeteria which serves only preschool students may utilize child-sized furniture, while cafeterias which serve older students as well as younger students should seek out furniture which will accommodate the size differences.

Finally, durability and price must be considered when selecting cafeteria tables. The school administrators should select tables which are not only economical but also provide a great deal of value for the money spent. Some cafeteria tables may be very inexpensive, but if they are not durable the low cost may be offset by the need to replace the tables frequently.



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