Purchasing School Cafeteria Tables

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What should I consider when purchasing school cafeteria tables?

Purchasing School Cafeteria Tables

When purchasing school cafeteria tables it is important to factor the spatial constraints of the cafeteria as well as the school's intention for the lunch period. Spatial constraints are critical because they will help to determine which types of tables will not only fit well within the available space, but will also accommodate the necessary number of students. When considering spatial limitations the size of the tables should be considered and the layout should be planned carefully to ensure aisle ways are adequate and exits are not blocked.

School administrators should also consider the goals of the lunch period when purchasing school cafeteria tables. Schools with a mission of fostering student interaction, good table manners and improved social skills might want to consider purchasing smaller pedestal tables for the cafeteria. This is because this type of table allows for greater interaction among students. Conversely, schools which view the lunch period as simply an opportunity for the students to nourish their bodies may prefer to utilize long, rectangular cafeteria tables. These tables can accommodate a greater number of students but do not foster student interaction.



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