Furnishing a College Cafeteria

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Is furnishing a college cafeteria different from furnishing a high school cafeteria?

Furnishing a College Cafeteria

In many cases, furnishing a college cafeteria is not very different than furnishing a high school cafeteria or a middle school cafeteria. This is because the critical furnishing such as chairs and dinning tables are very similar. Depending on the institution, the college cafeteria may feature tables and chairs which are more decorative in nature as opposed to high schools and middle schools which may opt for furniture which is more durable and more industrial.

The major differences in furnishing a college cafeteria include the need for pieces not necessary in high schools or middles schools, such as pedestals for swiping meal plan cards or making purchases, salad bars, built in grill areas, carving stations, stations for self service items and tray return areas.



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