Selecting Audio Visual Carts

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What options are available in audio visual carts?

Selecting Audio Visual Carts

Audio visual carts are a very important piece of equipment in a listening lab or other type of media room. They are useful for storing and transporting audio visual equipment. These carts can range from the very simple which include one platform, to more complex carts which contain multiple shelves, drawers and even cabinet doors. The complexity of the audio visual cart required will depend on the needs of the school as well as the amount and type of equipment available.

When selecting audio visual carts it is important to select carts which are large enough to support the necessary equipment. The amount of support in terms of size as well as weight should be considered. This is important because some audio visual carts may provide an ample surface area but this area may not be capable of supporting a significant load.

As with virtually any decision it is also important to consider the price of audio visual carts. Once a consumer has selected a number of carts which will meet the needs of the audio visual room, it is time to make cost comparisons. Some carts may be eliminated immediately because they are too expensive while others may be subsequently eliminated if they are determined not to be a value for the features they offer.



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