Selecting a School Public Address System

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How do I select a public address system for my school?

Selecting a School Public Address System

A number of diverse factors should be considered when selecting a school public address system. This type of system can serve various purposes such as assemblies, pep rallies and athletic events. However, the public address system will not function effectively unless an effort is made to select a system which is ideal for the needs of the school. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a school public address system include audience size, dimensions, power output, wireless range and power source.

The estimated audience size is very important when selecting a school public address system. Most public address systems provide a recommended maximum audience size for each system as part of the specifications. This number indicates the number of people who can be expected to hear presentations made with the use of the public address system. Purchasing a school public address system designed for a maximum audience which is less than the number of students enrolled in the school would mean the system could not be used to address the entire school at once.

The size of the public address system should also carefully be considered. This should include the physical dimensions of the system as well as the weight of the system. The physical dimensions will help the school administrators to determine whether or not there is adequate storage space for the unit. The weight of the system will dictate whether or not the system is portable.

The power issues, such as the output and the power supply, may also factor into the decision making process. Systems which require an exterior power source are less portable and flexible than systems which can be operated by battery. Many school public address systems can be operated via multiple power sources.



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