Arranging Preschool Classroom Furniture

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How should preschool classroom furniture be arranged?

Arranging Preschool Classroom Furniture

While it may not seem so, there is in fact a method to arranging preschool classroom furniture. It should be arranged for function, aesthetic appeal and safety. Educators may differ on which type of arrangement is ideal but there are some basics on which most educators agree. Most educators will agree that the arrangement of preschool classroom furniture should suite the learning environment and the goals of the program. Programs which hope to foster interaction may favor an arrangement which puts students in close proximity to each other, while programs that instill independent learning may favor a different arrangement, one that does not encourage interaction.

The aesthetic appeal of preschool classroom furniture is also important. The furniture should be arranged in a manner which is visually appealing. However, care should be taken to avoid allowing visual appeal to affect safety. The classroom furniture should be arranged to minimize congestion and reduce the risk of falls. In most cases providing wide aisles and taking care not to obstruct exits will help to mitigate the potential for accidents. It is also important to secure all items which present a tipping hazard such as bookcases. It is also important to place design elements at a height which is ideal for the size of the students.



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