Setting Up a Portable Dance Stage

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What should I consider when setting up a portable dance stage?

Setting Up a Portable Dance Stage

Important factors to consider when setting up a portable dance stage include the size of the stage, the surface of the stage and the load capacity of the stage. The size is essential because it should be large enough to accommodate all of the dancers throughout the performance. This is especially important if there is a large number of performers or if they will be performing movements requiring a large footprint.

The surface of the portable dance stage is also key. Stages may be hardboard, polypropylene or carpeted. The ideal surface is one which will prevent the performers from slipping without detracting from the performance. The load capacity must also be considered in respect to the number and the size of the performers. The portable dance stage should have a load capacity which is adequate for the amount of weight the stage must support during the performance, and should also account for whether the load is static or dynamic.



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