Shopping for Portable Stage Platforms

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What should I look for in portable stage platforms?

Shopping for Portable Stage Platforms

Shopping for portable stage platforms can be an overwhelming process because of the number of options available. However, consumers who have a grasp of their basic needs may find the process to be quite simple. When shopping for portable stage platforms it is important to consider deck surface, size and height.

Common deck surfaces include hardboard, polypropylene and carpets. Hardboard is an economical surface but polypropylene helps to create a non-slip surface. Portable stage platforms are more expensive but they also are typically more attractive and provide greater sound absorption than other surfaces. The size should also be carefully considered because the deck surface must accommodate the current needs and should also account for future uses for the stage. Finally the height of the portable stage platform must be taken into account. Stage platforms used by children tend to be higher than ones intended for use by adults because a higher stage helps to make smaller performers more visible to the audience.



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