Options for Podiums and Lecterns

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What types of podiums and lecterns are available?

Options for Podiums and Lecterns

Two primary factors to consider when comparing podiums and lecterns are the type of lectern as well as the inclusion of built in electronic equipment. There are two basic types of podiums and lecterns. These types are the tabletop variety and the floor variety. Tabletop lecterns are smaller and can be placed on a table. The advantages to this type of lecterns are that they allow for greater focus on the speaker and are easier to move and store. Floor lecterns can be adjustable height or fixed height. This type of lectern provides a more professional appearance than tabletop lecterns.

The inclusion of built in electronic elements should also be considered when purchasing a podium or lectern. Lecterns without built in electronics will be less expensive and are adequate for small rooms or rooms with a public address system. Larger venues or venues without a public address system should include a lectern with built in electronics. Some of the electronic elements to consider are speakers, amplifiers and microphones.



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