Daycare Storage

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What type of storage do I need for my daycare center?

Daycare Storage

Daycare storage options are quite varied and may include cabinets, bookcases, shelves and cubbies. The ideal storage choices for a daycare will depend largely on the age of the daycare participants, the activities performed in the daycare and the type of equipment which must be stored. Taking these factors into account will assist the daycare provider in determining which pieces of storage equipment are ideal.

There are some basic guidelines for daycare storage units.. The use of cubbies is often advisable for storing toys. This is recommended because cubbies enable the daycare participants to easily view the toy options available. Conversely closed door cabinets are preferred for the storage of items which are potentially harmfull. Ideally these cabinets will also have locks which can make the contents of the storage units inaccessible to children.



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