The Value of Classroom Organization

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How important is it to have an organized classroom?

The Value of Classroom Organization

The value of classroom organization cannot be underestimated. The way in which a classroom is organized can have a profound effect on the ability of the students to learn. Teachers should be aware of the way in which the structure of the classroom is impacting the learning process and should be willing to make changes to reduce any evident learning obstacles created by the organizational structure of the classroom. A few basic principles of classroom organization are:

  • Keep items which are used often readily accessible
  • Aisle ways should be designed to provide clear access to different areas of the classroom
  • Seating should be arranged to ensure unobstructed views of the presentation area for all students
  • Seating should be arranged according to the classroom expectations in regard to interaction among students
  • Storage areas such as bookcases and shelves should be well organized and ideally labeled to ensure their purpose is evident to all



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