Anchoring Classroom Shelves

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Should classroom shelves be anchored to the wall?

Anchoring Classroom Shelves

Anchoring classroom shelves is very important for safety reasons. Classroom shelves which are not properly anchored can become dislodged and result in accidents in the classroom. The method for securing the shelves will depend on the type of shelving as well as the material in which the shelves will be anchored.

In most sheetrock wall, using a stud finder and affixing the shelves to a stud is ideal. However, it is not always feasible to mount a shelf to a wall stud. When it is not possible to use a wall stud, it is necessary to purchase commercially available anchoring systems. These systems typically include anchors made of either plastic or metal. The metal anchoring systems are usually capable of supporting a greater load than the plastic anchoring systems. Before selecting a plastic or metal anchoring system it is important to evaluate the load the shelves will carry in order to determine which type of anchoring system is best.



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