Comparing School Headphone Options

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What type of school headphones are available?

Comparing School Headphone Options

When purchasing school headphones, it's important to consider the design of the headphones. This includes the plug style, cord style and comfort. Also important is choosing mono or stereo headphones, depending on the type of equipment that is being used.

There are typically three types of plugs available for school headphones. They are: ¼ inch, 3.5mm and USB plugs. This decision will be made based on the equipment in which the headphones will be plugged. A plug style compatible with the receptor on the equipment is essential. However, if a particular set of headphones (which do not have a compatible plug style) is desired it may be possible to purchase an adapter which will enable the headphones to be plugged into various equipment.

When considering cord style for school headphones length is also important; decide if cord is coiled or straight and whether the cord is permanent or replaceable. The length of school headphones used on individual pieces of equipment is usually short, while headphones intended to be used on a shared piece of equipment are longer. Coiled cords are recommended for younger children because they're are more durable.

Finally, it is important to decide between mono and stereo headphones when selecting classroom headphones. Mono headphones transmit one sound signal over one channel and are intended for use with equipment such as cassette players and record players. Stereo headphones send two signals over two channels to create a richer sound. These headphones are intended for use with televisions, CD players and any other equipment offering stereo sound. There are also school headphones available which enable the user to switch between mono and stereo settings when necessary.



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