Understanding a School Listening Center

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What is a school listening center?

Understanding a School Listening Center

A school listening center can be an integral part of a child's education when used effectively. The American Academy of Pediatrics asserts listening to stories read aloud helps to promote brain development. This is a testament to how useful listening centers can be for even very young children. School aged children (as young as preschoolers), can benefit from a school listening center because hearing a language spoken helps the child to build vocabulary and learn to recognize grammatical structure. These listening centers can be effectively used for teaching a second language.

Exposing children to audio versions of stories helps to add a new dimension to the learning process. Students are intrigued by the novelty of the experience and are more motivated to learn. However, it is imperative that high quality sound equipment is used to ensure the students are able to hear clearly. If the sound is not crisp or is otherwise inaudible it can create problems in speech patterns which result from the children not hearing the words or sounds correctly.



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