Necessary Classroom Accessories

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Which classroom accessories are really necessary?

Necessary Classroom Accessories

There are a number of classroom accessories available. However, what's deemed necessary largely depends on the needs of the teacher, the needs of the student and the purpose of the classroom. A few examples of classroom accessories include bulletin boards, maps, whiteboards, carts, audio visual equipment and decorative items.

While none of these items is vital in every classroom, there are certainly accessories that are very beneficial in most. For example history and geography classes may greatly benefit from the inclusion of maps and globes, while music classes may benefit from audio visual equipment in the classroom.

The needs of the classroom are often closely related to the purpose of what is being taught, but often the needs of the instructor or students may also factor into the equation. For example a wheelchair bound teacher may benefit from an accessory such as overhead projector which will enable him or her to utilize the entire projection screen as opposed to only being able to utilize a small portion of a chalkboard or whiteboard.



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