Involving Students in Decorating Classroom Bulletin Boards

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Should students help to decorate classroom bulletin boards?

Involving Students in Decorating Classroom Bulletin Boards

Classroom bulletin boards can offer so much more to a classroom than simple decorations. These bulletin boards can actually be a part of the learning process when they are educational as opposed to being purely decorative in nature. However, the effectiveness of classroom bulletin boards may be improved by involving the students in the process of decorating the boards. The students can be involved in the process of planning the design of the bulletin boards, incorporating the design elements or both.

There are endless possibilities for decorating classroom bulletin boards. The designs should be age appropriate and appealing to the students. Additionally, teachers may want to design bulletin boards which are also educational in nature. Examples of themes for classroom bulletin boards include geographic locations, historical events, mathematical concepts, animals, careers and nutrition. Selecting a theme which is applicable to the current lesson plan will help to incorporate the décor into the learning process.



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