Portable Stages

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Portable Stages

Portable stages are primarily used in short-term venues for events such as concerts, assemblies, ceremonies and other performance events and generally cost less than mobile stages. When deciding on a portable stage, it is important to keep in mind the type of event the stage will be used for. When choosing portable stages, remember that they often differ in deck surface, deck size and height. Portable stages fold and unfold easily, ensuring smooth and efficient set up and removal before and after each event. Identifying the size of the stage you need is one of the most important decisions. A stage that is significantly larger or smaller than its surrounding area tends to look out of place.

Portable stages can be improved by stairs, guardrails, and stage caddies, all of which increase the stage's safety and efficiency when packing and unpacking. Stage skirting (material that surrounds the perimeter of the stage) enhances the look of the stage and hides any unsightly cords or equipment. This is used most often in formal venues.

When choosing a stage, pay close attention to the height of the room's ceiling. Having ample room between your performers and the ceiling is very important. Choose from many stage heights depending on the age and size of your performers.



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