Portable Risers

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Portable Risers

Risers add depth and drama to stage performances. Similar to a large flight of stairs, risers are tiered platforms that sit on the stage and make it possible for each performer to be viewed by the audience without obstruction. Portable stage risers vary according to type, deck surface, deck size, height, portability, and accessories.

Steps can be added to risers that are more than 8' high to ensure the safety of the performers. Portable risers are able to fold up and are quite easy to store and transport. Like stages, portable risers tend to be slightly less expensive than their mobile counterparts. Choosing between seated, standing, and mobile choral risers can be confusing. The main questions to ask are: who is going to be performing, will they be sitting or standing, and will the risers need to be easily transported to another location? Keep in mind that the size of the room matters most. The higher the ceiling, the larger the risers should be so that they are not dwarfed by the size of the room.



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