AV Carts

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AV Carts

It is important for your audio visual equipment to be stored and moved on a cart made specifically for transporting that kind of equipment. When purchasing av carts, keep in mind that monitor size, height, construction, wheels, shelves, storage options and accessories are all important options in properly storing and transporting your valuable AV equipment. Perhaps the most important feature is the cart's strength and durability. It must be able to hold your audio visual system without being top heavy or unstable.

Be sure to measure your audio visual equipment before shopping for an AV cart and consider the age of your audience to ensure proper viewing height. Adjustable height AV carts are a wise choice for school AV equipment, in which the size of the viewer is likely to vary. Keep in mind, the larger the classroom and the bigger the audience, the higher you'll want your monitor.

Audio visual carts are usually made of plastic or steel. Plastic carts are the lighter of the two and the easiest to transport. A general rule of thumb however, is the larger and heavier the monitor, the heavier and sturdier the AV cart should be. Resting a very large, heavy monitor on a small, plastic cart is not recommended.

Other AV cart features include wheel size, wheel material, shelving, and accessories such as power strips. When purchasing an AV cart, always remember that the size and strength of the cart you choose is dependant on the size of the equipment you wish to store.



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