Portable PA System

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Portable PA System

Impacting almost every school activity, your public address system is one of the most important aspects of inter-school communication. Although these systems can sometimes seem confusing, knowing the size of your school, which types of events you'll be holding, and which accessories you'll need, are all key details to keep in mind when shopping for a portable PA system online.

Portable public address systems are usually divided into two categories; personal and full-size. Full-size public address systems accommodate 300 to 5000 people while personal public address systems are meant for an audience of fewer than 300. Most full-size PA systems are portable, combining an amplifier, mixer, and speaker into one portable unit. For a larger venue, full-size public address systems can often be expanded by adding speakers or connecting additional units. Personal Public Address Systems generally include a compact speaker and a microphone. These lightweight PA systems are best used for smaller venues like school functions. Many PA units include additions such as CD players, volume controls, built-in recording devices, and wireless microphones and speakers. Shopping for a portable public address system is fairly straightforward as long as you keep in mind the size of your audience and the type of events you'll be hosting.



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