Marker Boards

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Marker Boards

Dry erase marker boards work as useful visual aids without the muss and fuss of chalk and eraser dust. Dry erase white boards are offered in fixed, mobile, framed, and unframed options. The two most popular types of marker boards are magnetic and melamine boards.

Magnetic boards are usually the more durable of the two types, standing up to heavy use, scratching, and daily cleaning. Because these boards are magnetic, teachers often stick refrigerator letter magnets to these boards for an added visual benefit.

Melamine boards are made of melamine, a clear-coated, erasable writing surface. Melamine boards are recommended in settings where erasing is infrequent. These boards are not magnetic and tend to cost less than magnetic boards. Melamine boards generally don't stand up to heavy use for quite as long as magnetic boards, so if you intend to use the board on a daily basis, it may be cost-effective to choose a magnetic board for your classroom.

Most classrooms mount whiteboards to the walls, but if you are looking for a portable option, you may want to consider a mobile board. These boards are available with or without wheels, and many offer the option of double-sided use. Other options include two-sided cork bulletin boards and markerboards, or a markerboard on one side with a chalk board on the other. Dry erase white boards come in framed or unframed options. However all white boards must be framed in order to be hung.



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