Room Dividers

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Room Dividers

Portable partitions are a low cost, non-permanent way to divide classrooms and study areas, in addition to adding needed classroom storage areas. To find out which room dividers are best for your space, consider the overall classroom arrangement as well as the height, length, and material of the partition you want.

Partitions come in free-standing or wall-mounted varieties. Wall-mounted partitions are semi-permanent and work well for classrooms in which the configuration is expected to change frequently. Freestanding partitions are mobile and work well if you expect to move the partitions around to different classes.

Look for partitions with self-leveling casters so you can set them up on uneven flooring. Height is the most important point to consider when purchasing folding room dividers. The higher the partition, the more noise it will obstruct. Partition heights range from 4' – 8', so keep your classroom dimensions in mind. The higher the partition, the more sound is blocked. When browsing room dividers, focus on the amount of supervision your students will need, how much noise obstruction is necessary, and how permanent the room's set-up is expected to be. This will ensure a proper fit when setting up your new room dividers.



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