When Classroom Tables are Ideal

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Should a classroom always have desks or are tables sometimes preferred?

When Classroom Tables are Ideal

Classroom tables can be ideal in some situations.Classes designed to foster student interaction are ideally suited for classroom tables as opposed to desks. Classrooms such as science labs, computer labs, language labs, art classrooms and music classrooms are just a few examples of classrooms which may benefit from the use of tables as opposed to desks.

The use of tables which will accommodate multiple students helps to promote interaction by placing the students in a close proximity to each other. This is in direct contrast to individual desks which keep students separate from each other and do not encourage interaction. When students are seated at the same table it is easier to communicate and collaborate on group projects. A language lab is just one example where the use of tables instead of individual desks would be ideal. Students can be placed in small groups at separate tables where they can converse in the language they are studying. This allows for several conversations to be conducted simultaneously.

The instructor may wish to visit each table briefly to provide instructions, corrections and encouragement as needed. Through this type of learning the students get a hands on approach to the subject matter while they are also working on social skills as well.



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