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How should I position round library tables?

Using Round Library Tables Effectively

The use of round library tables can be very beneficial in many library settings. However, careful thought should be given to the configuration of these tables. Round tables are excellent options for areas which encourage interaction such as meeting rooms. When using round tables in a library it is important to ensure adequate space to create clear aisle ways. It is also important to ensure the placement of the tables does not interfere with access to safety exits located throughout the library. Consulting fire safety codes will help to ensure the tables are located appropriately.

What type of furniture should I purchase for a children’s library?

Unique Children's Library Furniture

Children's library furniture is usually a scaled down version of the furniture used in other areas of the library. Many of the pieces such as shelving units, tables and chairs are used throughout the library. However, in the children's section it is advisable to use shelving units which are shorter as well as tables and chairs which are designed specifically for use by smaller individuals. This will not only help to ensure the children using the library are more comfortable but will also provide them with a safer environment. That way, children climbing on taller shelving units or falling from chairs designed for adults can be more avoidable.

Where can I find library furniture suppliers?

Finding Library Furniture Suppliers

Library Furniture Suppliers may can found in many different ways. Some conventional and online retailers sell furniture and other supplies specifically designed for use in a library. Additionally, libraries or schools in the process of renovating may sell their old furniture and supplies. Performing online searches, scouring phone books and visiting furniture suppliers are just a few of the ways you can find library supplies for sale.

Another option for finding suppliers of library furniture? Search through general furniture retailers. You are likely to find used couches, chairs or tables at discount and used furniture shops.

What kinds of mobile library shelving units are available?

Mobile Library Shelving Options

Mobile library shelving units are ideal in a number of situations. Libraries that showcase books outside of the building often invest in these mobile units to transport books to other locations. However, mobile shelving units may also be used inside the library in multi-use areas. This makes it possible to remove the shelving units when they are not needed in the space.

The most common type of mobile library shelving unit is essentially a bookcase on wheels. But other options include units which have a number of different compartments, display books in different ways and have drawers or cabinets for storage of books and other items.

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