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What pieces of furniture are necessary for a childcare center?

Childcare Furniture

There is no list of necessary pieces of childcare furniture that apply to all daycare situations. The selection of furniture depends on the age and number of childcare participants, the mission of the childcare facility and the personal preferences of the childcare provider. Examples of beneficial childcare furniture include cribs, naptime mats, chairs, highchairs, changing tables, activity tables, cubbies and rugs. While childcare facilities may certainly function without some of these items, many childcare providers will attest: the use of these items greatly simplifies the process of caring for children. What some deem as vital, others may consider excessive. That is what makes each childcare facility different and unique: its ability to cater to specific needs.

What type of décor should I have in my daycare center?

Motivational Daycare Décor

The décor of a daycare facility may have an impact on the quality of the experiences the children have while in the daycare center. For this reason adequate consideration should be given to the decorative aspects of the daycare. Daycare décor may be educational, inspiring or just visually appealing. A few décor options for a daycare include themes such as letters, numbers, transportation system, balloons and colors. Care should be taken to ensure the décor theme selected is age appropriate for the children who will be attending. The daycare facility should ensure the children will not only enjoy the visual appeal of the décor, but will also be motivated to learn and have fun.

What are some useful daycare products?

Useful Daycare Products

There are a number of daycare products which can be extremely useful for a daycare provider. In addition to furniture items which are vital such as cribs, tables and chairs there are other furniture items such as cubbies and activity tables which are not necessary but are certainly useful.

There are other daycare products which are extremely useful including a variety of cleaning and safety products. Regular use of hand sanitizer can help to prevent the spread of germs and minimize the incidents of illness. Spot cleaner are also handy for removing stains on carpets and upholstered furniture. Safety products are also very useful. This may include latches to keep cabinets secured, covers for electrical outlets and doorknob covers which prevent children from opening doors.

Where can I find daycare equipment?

Shopping for Daycare Equipment

There are a number of different methods available for finding daycare equipment. Many daycare necessities such as furniture items, toys and cleaning supplies can be found through conventional retailers. However, it is also possible to find these items online through virtual retailers. Other online options include auction websites and online classified advertisements. Mail order catalogs are also available which may facilitate the process of purchasing daycare equipment.

All of these methods for purchasing daycare equipment can be safe. However, care should be taken with any of these methods to verify the reputation of the retailer as well as the quality and safety aspects of the pieces of equipment purchased. The Better Business Bureau can assist in determining whether retailers are reputable while ratings systems can be used when using online auction websites to purchase daycare equipment.

What type of storage do I need for my daycare center?

Daycare Storage

Daycare storage options are quite varied and may include cabinets, bookcases, shelves and cubbies. The ideal storage choices for a daycare will depend largely on the age of the daycare participants, the activities performed in the daycare and the type of equipment which must be stored. Taking these factors into account will assist the daycare provider in determining which pieces of storage equipment are ideal.

There are some basic guidelines for daycare storage units.. The use of cubbies is often advisable for storing toys. This is recommended because cubbies enable the daycare participants to easily view the toy options available. Conversely closed door cabinets are preferred for the storage of items which are potentially harmfull. Ideally these cabinets will also have locks which can make the contents of the storage units inaccessible to children.

What safety features should I look for in a daycare crib?

Safety Requirements for Daycare Cribs

Safety requirements for daycare cribs should adhere to the safety standards for cribs designed for home use. These guidelines include crib slats which are no wider than 2 3/8 inches and crib posts which are no greater than 1/16 inch. Additionally, the mattress and bedding should fit snugly, while the drop side latches must be impossible for a child to release. The cribs should also adhere to standards provided by the US Consumer Product Safety Equipment.

The exact safety requirements for daycare cribs may vary from state to state, but the above guidelines are general safety requirement that should be incorporated regardless of which state the crib is purchased in.

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