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What pieces of audio visual equipment should I include in my media room?

Furnishing a Media Room with Audio Visual Equipment

When furnishing a media room with audio visual equipment it is important to decide on the intended purpose of the room. This is imperative because the equipment purchased should meet the needs of the classroom. Some worthwhile equipment includes headphones, transmitters, recording devices, pairing engines, broadcasting engines and evaluation tools. Audio visual rooms intended for use as a listening lab may benefit from all of these pieces of equipment, while audio visual rooms used for music appreciation may only require items such as headphones and transmitters. Recording devices and evaluation tools may not be necessary if the students are not required to demonstrate proficiency with a musical instrument.

What are some of the disadvantages of portable public address systems?

The Disadvantages of Portable Public Address Systems

A portable public address system is not ideal for all school situations. This is because there are some disadvantages to this type of system. Specifically, battery life and battery charge time may be less than ideal. Although the ability to have a system which is portable can be useful in a variety of situations the use of the system is somewhat limited by the battery life. This becomes problematic when the public address system is transported to a locale where there is no access to a power source.

What are some of the advantages of portable public address systems?

The Advantages of Portable Public Address Systems

There are a number of advantages to portable public address systems. Most notably this type of system enables the user to utilize the system almost anywhere. This can be very important for use in schools because the portable address system can be transported and used in locations such as gymnasiums, assembly halls, outdoor facilities and even on field trips. The ability to utilize this system anywhere gives the instructors and school administrators the ability to communicate with large groups of students in a variety of locations.

Another notable advantage of portable public address systems is the ease of transporting the system. These systems are specifically designed to be portable and often have built in wheels and handles. Systems not designed to be portable can be more cumbersome and difficult to move when it becomes necessary to relocate them.

How do I select a public address system for my school?

Selecting a School Public Address System

A number of diverse factors should be considered when selecting a school public address system. This type of system can serve various purposes such as assemblies, pep rallies and athletic events. However, the public address system will not function effectively unless an effort is made to select a system which is ideal for the needs of the school. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a school public address system include audience size, dimensions, power output, wireless range and power source.

The estimated audience size is very important when selecting a school public address system. Most public address systems provide a recommended maximum audience size for each system as part of the specifications. This number indicates the number of people who can be expected to hear presentations made with the use of the public address system. Purchasing a school public address system designed for a maximum audience which is less than the number of students enrolled in the school would mean the system could not be used to address the entire school at once.

The size of the public address system should also carefully be considered. This should include the physical dimensions of the system as well as the weight of the system. The physical dimensions will help the school administrators to determine whether or not there is adequate storage space for the unit. The weight of the system will dictate whether or not the system is portable.

The power issues, such as the output and the power supply, may also factor into the decision making process. Systems which require an exterior power source are less portable and flexible than systems which can be operated by battery. Many school public address systems can be operated via multiple power sources.

Should I purchase audio visual cabinets?

Keeping Equipment Organized with Audio Visual Cabinets

Audio visual cabinets can help keep equipment organized. It can also help to create a safer learning environment. These cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and may incorporate a number of different features such as adjustable shelves, drawers, features for organizing chords, numerous compartments and all types of doors. Determining which features are ideal for the audio visual equipment will help the consumer to select audio visual cabinets.

Audio visual cabinets not only create a more organized environment but also create a safer environment. Loose pieces of audio visual equipment are not only more susceptible to damage but may also cause accidents. Power cords, in particular, can create a tripping hazard which can be dangerous to the students as well as the equipment.

What options are available in audio visual carts?

Selecting Audio Visual Carts

Audio visual carts are a very important piece of equipment in a listening lab or other type of media room. They are useful for storing and transporting audio visual equipment. These carts can range from the very simple which include one platform, to more complex carts which contain multiple shelves, drawers and even cabinet doors. The complexity of the audio visual cart required will depend on the needs of the school as well as the amount and type of equipment available.

When selecting audio visual carts it is important to select carts which are large enough to support the necessary equipment. The amount of support in terms of size as well as weight should be considered. This is important because some audio visual carts may provide an ample surface area but this area may not be capable of supporting a significant load.

As with virtually any decision it is also important to consider the price of audio visual carts. Once a consumer has selected a number of carts which will meet the needs of the audio visual room, it is time to make cost comparisons. Some carts may be eliminated immediately because they are too expensive while others may be subsequently eliminated if they are determined not to be a value for the features they offer.

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