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What should I consider when purchasing school cafeteria tables?

Purchasing School Cafeteria Tables

When purchasing school cafeteria tables it is important to factor the spatial constraints of the cafeteria as well as the school's intention for the lunch period. Spatial constraints are critical because they will help to determine which types of tables will not only fit well within the available space, but will also accommodate the necessary number of students. When considering spatial limitations the size of the tables should be considered and the layout should be planned carefully to ensure aisle ways are adequate and exits are not blocked.

School administrators should also consider the goals of the lunch period when purchasing school cafeteria tables. Schools with a mission of fostering student interaction, good table manners and improved social skills might want to consider purchasing smaller pedestal tables for the cafeteria. This is because this type of table allows for greater interaction among students. Conversely, schools which view the lunch period as simply an opportunity for the students to nourish their bodies may prefer to utilize long, rectangular cafeteria tables. These tables can accommodate a greater number of students but do not foster student interaction.

What pieces of furniture are necessary in a cafeteria?

Necessary Cafeteria Furniture

Yes, it may be obvious, but does every cafeteria need? At a minimum, the necessary pieces of cafeteria furniture should include chairs and dining tables. The design and layout of these chairs and tables may vary considerably but they should always be suitable for eating. Depending on the needs of the school, it may be necessary for the cafeteria furniture to be multifunctional but the primary function of these pieces of furniture should be to provide a location for the students to eat. Last but not least? Food, while not technically furniture, is something no cafeteria can do without.

What are some of the advantages to pedestal lunch tables?

The Advantages of Pedestal Lunch Tables

Pedestal lunch tables offer some advantages to students. These tables foster an opportunity for students to interact during lunchtime. Conversely, long, rectangular tables which are often used in cafeterias are not conducive to conversation and therefore do not encourage interaction among students.

Pedestal lunch tables usually offer more flexibility than traditional cafeteria tables. This is because the tables may come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are also easier to move, so a variety of different layout options may be utilized with this type of table.

Is furnishing a college cafeteria different from furnishing a high school cafeteria?

Furnishing a College Cafeteria

In many cases, furnishing a college cafeteria is not very different than furnishing a high school cafeteria or a middle school cafeteria. This is because the critical furnishing such as chairs and dinning tables are very similar. Depending on the institution, the college cafeteria may feature tables and chairs which are more decorative in nature as opposed to high schools and middle schools which may opt for furniture which is more durable and more industrial.

The major differences in furnishing a college cafeteria include the need for pieces not necessary in high schools or middles schools, such as pedestals for swiping meal plan cards or making purchases, salad bars, built in grill areas, carving stations, stations for self service items and tray return areas.

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