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How do I clean dry erase whiteboards?

Maintaining Dry Erase Whiteboards

Dry erase whiteboards are an essential part of a classroom setting. This piece of equipment can be used for a variety of different purposes. A dry erase whiteboard can be used to work through sample equations, provide information or write assignments for students to copy into a notebook. However, these useful tools can become less effective if the board is not maintained properly.

Care and maintenance involves using only the markers specifically designed for use with the whiteboard. Also, the whiteboard should be erased using the recommended guidelines for the whiteboard. This may include the use of an eraser or specially designed spray. The whiteboard should also be deep cleaned on a regular basis. This cleaning is more intensive than simply erasing the marks on the whiteboard and can help to remove markings which linger on the board.

Which classroom accessories are really necessary?

Necessary Classroom Accessories

There are a number of classroom accessories available. However, what's deemed necessary largely depends on the needs of the teacher, the needs of the student and the purpose of the classroom. A few examples of classroom accessories include bulletin boards, maps, whiteboards, carts, audio visual equipment and decorative items.

While none of these items is vital in every classroom, there are certainly accessories that are very beneficial in most. For example history and geography classes may greatly benefit from the inclusion of maps and globes, while music classes may benefit from audio visual equipment in the classroom.

The needs of the classroom are often closely related to the purpose of what is being taught, but often the needs of the instructor or students may also factor into the equation. For example a wheelchair bound teacher may benefit from an accessory such as overhead projector which will enable him or her to utilize the entire projection screen as opposed to only being able to utilize a small portion of a chalkboard or whiteboard.

What are some good ideas for decorating school bulletin boards?

School Bulletin Board Ideas

School bulletin boards contribute to the learning process. For this reason many teachers are often seeking school bulletin board ideas which will stimulate and motivate the students. There are a number of different options for decorating them. This may include bulletin boards designed to be visually appealing as well as bulletin boards designed to be educational in nature. Teachers may opt for one option or the other and may prefer to incorporate both types of boards throughout the year.

Bulletin boards which are decorative in nature may relate to the season of the year or the current holiday. However, even these types of bulletin boards can provide an opportunity for educational elements. Teachers can quiz the students about the colors on the board or the different elements of the season to provide instruction with respect to the bulletin boards.

Bulletin boards can also be designed to be educational. These bulletin boards may focus on historical events or the items currently being covered in the lesson plan. This option provides the teacher with an opportunity to expand upon the lesson in a less structured way.

What type of map should I have in my classroom?

Selecting a Classroom Map

Although selecting a classroom map may seem like a simple process, it is often a much more difficult process than anticipated by many educators. This is because they must consider a wide range of factors including the purpose of the class, the size of the class, the appearance of the map as well as the price of the map.

The classroom map chosen should be appropriate for the size of the classroom, the subject matter taught in the classroom and should fit within the school's budget. The size of the map factors into the decision because the map should be large enough to be visible by all students in the class without being too cumbersome for the size of the classroom. The map should also be relevant to the subject matter taught in the classroom.

The options available may include world maps, political maps, history maps, state maps and physical maps. There may even be combination maps available. Finally, it is important to consider the price of the map. Larger maps made of higher quality and with greater detail will likely be on the more expensive end of the price spectrum while smaller, less detailed maps will likely cost less.

Should students help to decorate classroom bulletin boards?

Involving Students in Decorating Classroom Bulletin Boards

Classroom bulletin boards can offer so much more to a classroom than simple decorations. These bulletin boards can actually be a part of the learning process when they are educational as opposed to being purely decorative in nature. However, the effectiveness of classroom bulletin boards may be improved by involving the students in the process of decorating the boards. The students can be involved in the process of planning the design of the bulletin boards, incorporating the design elements or both.

There are endless possibilities for decorating classroom bulletin boards. The designs should be age appropriate and appealing to the students. Additionally, teachers may want to design bulletin boards which are also educational in nature. Examples of themes for classroom bulletin boards include geographic locations, historical events, mathematical concepts, animals, careers and nutrition. Selecting a theme which is applicable to the current lesson plan will help to incorporate the décor into the learning process.

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