Types of Storage Lockers Available

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What types of storage lockers are available?

Types of Storage Lockers Available

There is a wide variety of storage lockers available which can be used for many purposes. This includes single-tier lockers which may be approximately 60” high as well as multiple-tiered lockers which can be considerably smaller. These lockers are often as small as 12” high.

The types of storage lockers required will depend on the way the lockers are used. For example lockers intended to store larger items such as hockey sticks would typically have to be much larger than lockers for use in a pool area where the users may only require a small amount of storage space.

The amount of ventilation is another factor. Some lockers may have a great deal of ventilation while others may not have much ventilation at all. Again, the intended use of the lockers will dictate the amount of ventilation needed.

Storage lockers can also be made of different materials. Steel is the most common construction material but the gauge of the steel can vary. Other materials may be available as well, such as different plastics but these lockers may not be as durable as lockers constructed of steel.



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