High School Locker Room Design

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How should I layout a high school locker room?

High School Locker Room Design

High School locker room design should be carefully considered. Some of the important factors include the size and location of the lockers, the building materials and the types of showers installed. The lockers selected for a high school locker room should be of a size which is adequate for the students who will be using the lockers and should take into consideration the equipment stored in the lockers. The location of the lockers should also be carefully considered to ensure the placement of the lockers provides ample aisles and clear access to exits.

Many lockers rooms are designed to have concrete walls and floors constructed of concrete, rubber or tile. These building materials are incredibly durable and capable of holding up even under harsh use. Carpets are rarely used in lockers room, especially if showers are present, to avoid problems which may result from a moist atmosphere.

The installation of showers is another factor in the design of a high school locker room. Many high schools prefer the installation of individual shower stalls. However, it is important to ensure the showers which are installed comply with guidelines provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Each individual shower stall does not have to comply to these guidelines but a certain percentage of the stalls must adhere to these guidelines.



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