Options in Stacking Chairs

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What options are available when purchasing stacking chairs?

Options in Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs can be very useful in a school where storage of the chairs is often necessary. This includes rooms which serve multiple purposes where seating isn't always necessary.
Size is just one of the variables in stacking chairs. Stacking chairs may be designed to be small enough to accommodate preschoolers or large enough for adults. Chairs for preschoolers are lower to the ground, have a smaller depth and less surface area on the seat than stacking chairs designed for adults.

The materials available in stacking chairs is also notable. This refers to the material of the seat as well as the material of the frame. The frame may be wood, plastic or metal. The seat may be constructed of the same material of the frame or may be upholstered with fabric.

Finally, it is important to consider the features of stacking chairs. Standard chairs will likely provide many more features such as adjustability of many components, however, there are some feature variables to consider when purchasing stacking chairs. Specifically, whether or not the chair has armrests.



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