Cafeteria Design Options

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How should I design my cafeteria?

Cafeteria Design Options

There are a number of different cafeteria design options. Perhaps the most well known cafeteria design includes a serving station across one wall and a group of long, rectangular tables which are either parallel or perpendicular to the serving area. This design is effective because it can accommodate a large number of students and provides adequate aisles and access exits. However, this type of layout does not foster interaction among students because conversations can be difficult.

Other cafeteria design options incorporate the use of pedestal lunch tables. These tables may come in a variety of sizes and shapes and may seat as few as four students or more than 10 students. These tables are more conducive to conversation and foster more interaction among students. Pedestal lunch tables are also more flexible and can be set up in a number of different ways. The tables can be kept separate or grouped together as necessary. Pedestal lunch tables can also be rearranged quickly and easily to accommodate purposes other than eating such as assemblies.



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