Creating Effective Listening Stations

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How do I make listening stations effective for students?

Creating Effective Listening Stations

Listening stations can be a very useful tool for learning languages. However, in order for the listening stations to be highly effective, they must be set up properly. This includes incorporating all of the necessary equipment into the overall design of the listening station. Some pieces of equipment which are ideal for a listening station include intercom systems, audio paring engines, broadcasting engines, virtual recorders and evaluations tools.

The equipment mentioned above all assists in the creation of effective listening stations for different reasons. Intercom systems allow the instructors to listen to the students and communicate with the students. This enables the instructor to hear problems quickly and make corrections immediately. Pairing engines enable the instructor to put the students in pairs or groups to interact and communicate with each other. This can often be done without having the students move to sit next to each other. Broadcast engines allow the instructor to transmit audio to all of the students at once. This is worthwhile for instructional segments of the class. The virtual recorder enables the student to record his own voice for use in self evaluations. Evaluation tools allow the instructor to evaluate the performance of each student by administering tests and examining the way in which the student responds.



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