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Podiums and lecterns offer a raised or tilted surface to hold presentation or performance materials. Portable lecterns can either be placed on a desktop, table or on the floor, depending on size.

For large presentations, floor lecterns, which stand alone, work best. In classroom situations, tabletop lecterns are often preferred, as they allow an instructor to access their presentation materials while conveniently utilizing their desk space. Table lecterns are generally more affordable than floor lecterns, although many prefer the slightly more impressive stand-alone models for large presentation or corporate events. Floor lecterns come in two types: adjustable-height and fixed-height. Some lecterns include built in sound speakers. This is generally a pricier option but works well for large presentations and speaking arrangements. Audio lecterns usually include up to four built-in speakers and generally include an amplifier, power source, and microphone.

Presentation lecterns come in a variety of materials ranging from tubular steel and plywood to wood and laminated fiberboard. Accessories can be purchased for your lectern including reading lights, rechargeable batteries, and extension speakers. When purchasing a lectern, be sure to know which audience your speaker will be addressing as well as the size of the venue.



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