ADA Classroom Furniture Guidelines

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Are there any ADA classroom furniture guidelines?

ADA Classroom Furniture Guidelines

Most schools must adhere to ADA classroom furniture guidelines. Title III of the ADA guidelines is of particular interest to school administrators. The basic requirement for compliance includes allowing disabled students to fully participate in classroom activities, unless doing so poses a direct threat to other student.

Under this act it is also necessary to make reasonable modifications to accommodate disabled students. The furniture used in classrooms must help to make schools fully accessible to students with disabilities.

One way in which schools can meet ADA guidelines is to substitute tables in place of desks for wheelchair bound students. This will enable the wheelchair bound students to fully participate in classroom activities without posing a risk to other students. This is just one example of a reasonable accommodation which may help to fulfill ADA requirements.

Depending on the impairment of the student, it may be necessary to meet with the student and his parents. The student and his parents can provide keen insight into the special accommodations required by the student. Once this information is obtained, the school can develop a plan for meeting the needs of the student.



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